How do I get an SBA disaster loan?


The fastest way to apply for an SBA disaster loan is through their online portal. You will be required to complete the disaster loan application as well as submit IRS Form 4506-T (which gives permission for the IRS to release your tax return to the SBA).

However, you ought to consider all of your sources before applying to the SBA, as disaster loans may only apply to businesses without any other options.

SBA disaster loan application process

If you have sustained economic damage and need access to capital due to the coronavirus, the SBA describes their three step process:

  1. Apply online, in-person, or by mail.
  2. Verify property and loan eligibility.
  3. Receive disbursement of funds. 

While this three step process sounds straightforward, there are various other steps you may need to take to be prepared for the loan review, including verifying eligible disaster zones, estimating your losses and financial need, and compiling your business story and community impact.

Be prepared with the necessary documentation:

  • SBA Form 5 (Business Loan Application)
  • IRS Form 4506-T (IRS Release)
  • Most recent Federal income tax returns
  • SBA Form 413 (Personal Financial Statement)
  • Schedule of Liabilities (may use SBA Form 2202)
  • Additional documentation may be requested, such as income statements, deed/lease information, Employee Identification Number (EIN), monthly sales, etc. 

Disaster loans are expedited, so you can expect your disaster loan to start incremental payments in 1-3 weeks. You will also be assigned a loan officer who will work with you through the duration of your loan. 

Online Portal Note: The SBA portal has experienced high traffic volume and slow site responses. You may call for over-the-phone assistance at any time: 1-800-659-2955.  Non-peak hours are 7:00pm to 7:00am EDT.